The Ford Bronco was a Small Wonder | Revelations with Jason Cammisa | Ep. 07 - Hagerty Media

The original Bronco was a logic-based response to the Jeep CJ-5, Toyota Land Cruiser, and other 4x4s favored by aging, ex-GIs in the early 1960s who wanted creature comforts. And it was a massive success — in that very small market.

It wasn’t until the Big Bronco, modeled after the enormous Chevrolet K5 Blazer 12 years later, that Ford achieved real sales success.

But the small, billygoat Bronco has become a legend because of its incredibly simple good looks, powerful engines, and (compared to its rivals) easy on-road comfort.

History is repeating itself — the 2022 Bronco follows the same recipe, but this time, Ford knows a 4-door will sell in larger volumes. So the new car will be sold in both Big and Little versions. And we suspect it’ll be the little, 2-door Bronco that will wind up in videos like this one day.

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