The crossover continues as Tom and Davin work on our 1930's race car | Redline Update - Hagerty Media

The Barn Find Hunter and Redline Rebuild crossover continues as the 1937 Ford moves to the tear-down phase. Tom and Davin divvy up the projects to get the front suspension and rear axle stripped down to nuts and bolts. Of course, it’s never that easy.

This ’37 Ford was a car that Tom found while scouring the countryside for interesting treasure. Originally built by Snowball Bishop, this “Ford” has languished decades under a carport. Davin saw the sad state of the car on video, and what stuck out to him was its potential. It took a few months, but the car rolled into the new Redline Garage, where it is going to get the love it deserves—which Davin says will include a paint job. That’s right, he’s actually going to make a car shiny.

There’s a lot of cleaning to do first though. Tom and Davin split the work, with Tom taking on the front suspension, and Davin splitting apart the quick-change rear axle. In retrospect, Tom tackled the tougher end of things, as the radius arms that provide the pivot for the front axle would just not break free after holding onto the axle for so long. Davin stepped in to help with two of his favorite tools—the torch and press.

With everything apart, Tom begins cleaning and media blasting to remove years of grime and oxidation. The quick change rear axle came apart and was in surprisingly good condition. Of course, various bearings and pieces will need replaced, but any day when something comes apart without stripped fasteners is good day.

It’s progress, and that steady progress is what makes projects like this one move along quickly. If you don’t want to miss any of the developments, be sure to subscribe to Hagerty’s YouTube channel and you’ll receive updates as each new video goes live.

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