In Episode 88 of “Barn Find Hunter,” you met a man named Vernon Brannon, who took us on a tour of one of the most impressive barn find collections we’ve ever had on this show. Vernon has since invited us to see his collection of Triumphs and other British sports cars deep in the hills of North Carolina. One car that makes this collection so unique is a Triumph sedan that has an interesting backstory. Back in the late 1970’s British Leyland began negotiations with Honda to develop a small family sedan that would fill a production gap until the release of the Montego in 1983. To keep a long story short, Honda ultimately ends up re-badging one of their cars known as the Honda Ballade to become what we now know as the Triumph Acclaim. It’s Vernons collection of unusual triumphs, such as the Acclaim, that make his collection one of the most complete collections of Triumphs in North America.

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