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Hagerty’s Marketplace Editor Colin Comer explores what makes the Ferrari Dino 246 such a beloved icon that it’s earned a place on many “Greatest Ferraris of All Time” lists. Colin offers a deep dive into the vehicle’s history, design, and driving manners as well as provides expert tips on buying, owning, and maintaining this classic sports car.

Ferrari Dino 246 GTS Valuation

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    I almost bought one of these in this color here. It was offered to me in 1985 for $15,000. These are great looking cars and have really shown great value increases.

    But somethings to keep in mind. This is one of the old school cars. Reliability is right there with a Fiat. Rust also is right there with Fiat. Parts are very expensive and not easy to find. These things kept me from buying as well at the time it was the unloved Ferrari so a daily driver was out at the time.

    The care and feeding is expensive but today the values justify it.

    The one real issue is performance. This car is about the same or slower than a Pontiac Fiero. Much like the 308 they were victims of their era. While sport then they are dogs today.

    For less money a newer Ferrari is more for driving and reliability and these cars are best left for the collectors that do not drive them often.

    I still wish I had bought it now and worked out a second car to drive. As well my buddy tried to get me in a Pantera for the same price at the time. Missed investments but I can’t complain the cars I have had over the years have gotten me to places and awards that most never get or drive.

    To be honest this car is one of the best styled factory cars it is just sad it took so long to be appreciated.

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