Here at Hagerty we’re doing our best to stay safe and follow the advice of our local health professionals by social distancing. This week, hang out with Davin at his home garage (digitally, of course) as he walks you through all the projects he can wrench on without leaving his driveway.

Luckily Davin had some space in his home shop, because he had the foresight to grab a bunch of projects from the Redline Rebuild garage the last time he dropped in. Progress may happen a little slower than usual on the Buick straight-eight, but Davin has no intentions of letting the project grind to a halt.

“I really want to keep this project moving forward, so I grabbed as much as I could knowing that I still could be productive even if I wasn’t right beside the engine,” Davin says.

Each of his projects comes in a dandy box full of little pieces. What’s on the to-do list? The Buick’s dual-action fuel pump needs polishing before reassembly with a rebuild kit, and the valve springs need to be checked to ensure they will work smoothly before they are installed. This video proves that, contrary to what you might think, the Redline Rebuild process isn’t all sexy engines and first starts; it’s also the small-scale, mundane tasks that must be done properly for the end project to work.

“Having the cameras around typically slows down work,” says Davin. “I often end up doing things two or three times to get the shot they need. That means mentally keeping track of what I have done—and more importantly, what I have not done—so that it all ends up together correctly the final time.”

Maybe he won’t be as distracted now, since his camera crew has downsized from several people to just one—his daughter. Though the cadence of Redline Updates will slow a bit in the coming weeks, rest assured that Davin’s still working. This Buick straight-eight is going to come to life soon, and we’ll be on hand to chronicle the entire process for you.

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