Chip Foose has fond memories of the first (E30) BMW M3 as a student at the Art Center College of Design, so he wanted to give this modern classic a new look with a quick sketch. His mission was to integrate certain elements to make the M3 a more integrated design.

Chip starts his sketch by laying out the E30’s general shape and proportions in a front three-quarter view. His bumper is shorter and smoother than the factory design, with round driving lights that match BMW’s signature quad headlight treatment.

In transitioning to the side profile, Chip knows the E30 is a great design as it stands, so his changes are subtle. His rendering lowers the E30 and adds the aforementioned front bumper and a smaller rear bumper to match. Although larger, the wheels are still reminiscent of the factory basket weave wheels. The side skirting (between the wheels) how has a smoother transition from each body panel, with a smaller side-view mirror that’s visually “lighter” than the factory assembly.

Chip finishes his design by reversing the downward curves of the E30 M3’s box flares, making them point up by reversing the location of the flat and curved lines on each flair. His intention is to turn the race-ready look of the E30 M3 into a more refined machine befitting an expensive road car. Do you think he succeeded?

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