Redline Rebuilds Explained: How we rebuilt a vintage Kawasaki KE100 motorcycle - Hagerty Media

It’s time to slow things down again and pull back the curtain on our latest Redline Rebuild. In this episode of Redline Rebuilds Explained, we start from scratch and dig into the nuts and bolts of our 1978 Kawasaki KE100 motorcycle top-end rebuild.

Follow along as Hagerty engine expert Davin Reckow and videographer Ben Woodworth hash through the nitty gritty of the project, which came about after a larger Hagerty rebuild project hit a snag and the guys went looking for an alternative. They didn’t have to look far.

Ben’s father-in-law saved this vintage Japanese two-stroke bike from the dump about 25 years ago. He was able to get it running again, but not well, and spent the last two couple of decades sputtering around in second gear at 20 mph. But no more—Davin came to the rescue (and Ben got his hands dirty too), giving it a clean slate for the future.

Watch the video for the full explanation, and keep an eye out for more Redline Rebuilds on our YouTube channel.

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