In this episode of Redline Rebuild, veteran wrench Davin Reckow embraces his heart’s longing for two wheels by freshening up a Kawasaki KE100 just in time for summer trail riding.

The KE100 represents a quintessential small two-stroke dual-sport motorcycle. With just 99 cc of displacement, the air-cooled single-cylinder engine was known for reliability and spunky attitude. Featuring an oil injection system to eliminate fuel mixing and give a more precision fuel-oil mixture, the little engine is rated at just 16 horsepower.

After countless hours of work, requisite busted knuckles, and 40,000 photos, watch as Davin digs through the oily bits and get this fun little machine back on the road in only five minutes (thanks to the magic of time lapse). We even let him take it for a spin.

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