Redline Rebuild Explained: What it takes to build an 11,000-hp Top Fuel dragster V-8 - Hagerty Media

If you haven’t watched the latest Redline Rebuild video, you’re missing out. Hagerty’s resident wrench Davin Reckow took a trip to Don Schumacher Racing to tear down and build up one of its nitromethane-huffing, 11,000-horsepower, supercharged V-8s. On the heels of the impressive high-octane time-lapse is even more good stuff in the latest Redline Rebuild Explained video.

If you crave for more information on what parts are absolutely unique and which ones are available at your local parts counter, Davin and videographer Ben Woodworth are here to talk it through. Davin worked with the team at DSR in rebuilding the engine, and he picked their brains for every scrap of information they were willing to share (and they chose to hold onto some secrets) so that we could give you all the juicy details.

Grab a notebook and a large bag of popcorn, because this rare look inside the billet aluminum and carbon fiber world of three-second quarter-mile engines is long. But at 80 minutes, that’s about what a class at your local community college would run, and you can watch this one from the comfort of your couch (and/or in your undies).

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