The Buick Nailhead has really been a connecting rod in the oil pan for Davin. At each turn in the Redline Rebuild process the Nailhead demands one task after another which turns into something more involved than expected. Finally, the process is shifting for the better, as we learned after some good news at the machine shop.

After sourcing a new engine engine block and heads, the question remains if they are usable. Our first trip to the machine shop told Davin that the original block and heads were either fit for scrap or in need of extensive work to be returned to duty. Now taking this second set in, the first step was taking measurements to determine a starting point, and forutantly, the numbers all came back within a machinable range.

“The last set of heads had valve seats that looked fit for the lunar rover, rather than sealing a valve,” said Davin. “Now that we have a set of usable heads and block that doesn’t need seven sleeves, the machine shop can actually work these over and we can get to assembly.”

And get to assembling he shall. These Redline Updates will be popping up daily over the next week as Davin finely assembles this engine and gets it ready for the Buick engine compart it will call home. There are just a few steps between now and that majestic moment, but we have confidence this engine is finally on the right track. Follow along with us until the hard-fought combustive moment of victory.

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