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Since the introduction of the Barn Find Hunter series, the tips and leads have never slowed down. Tom has mentioned in the past that he simply can’t get to all of them—there is just too many. The information coming to us is worth talking about though, so we put out a call in the Hagerty Community for folks to share their best barn finds. Of course, the photos and videos rolled in. With limited travel time, Tom sat down and perused the posts to give his take on the best that have been submitted thus far.

Range Rover Triplet

Dougscars must be a special kind of masochist because he found and acquired not just one Range Rover Classic, but three. They were in sad shape when they came home, but within a day he had them running and even got them driving. The power plant in these Range Rovers is a variation of the Buick 215 V-8, which is stout and durable, so maybe we shouldn’t be surprised they came to life so easily. Then again, looking at the photo of a pair in the field where they were sitting makes them look pretty rough.

GTI, Hearse, and Beetle, oh my!

This next group of find comes from kfolk‘s front yard. It’s an eclectic grouping for sure, led by a what Tom believes is an eight-valve 1986 Volkswagen GTI. It’s a car Tom knows a good bit about because he has one in his home garage right now. He bought his new and it served as a family car for many years. The next car in this group is a rusty but seemingly complete Cadillac hearse. Tom recounts when these used hearses were cheap and he would watch the surf guys strip out the interior to make them into surf wagons.

The MG and Jaguar in the… Lean to?

There isn’t much information for Tom to go off with the photos AJS sent, but the images make Tom want to know more. What appears to be an MG TD and Jaguar XK140 are under some type of shelter roof, but there are no walls to protect these two Brits from getting absolutely covered in dust. We can’t even be sure what the paint color is on either car, but they each look complete and worth saving. A really neat find.

FJ40 rescue

The Toyota FJ40 has been riding the value roller coaster, and as it has continued to climb the likelihood of finding a good one in the sticks seems to shrink. User dhaayer didn’t let that discourage him, and he got lucky enough to come across a nice FJ40 in southern British Columbia that was worth saving. He has documented his journey to bring it back to roadworthy condition in a video series that is worth a watch.

Not Indiana—India

Tom has been luck enough to travel coast to coast in the U.S., and even the U.K. on the hunt for vintage iron. One country he hasn’t been lucky enough to visit yet is India. Tom likes the thought of uncovering interesting cars in other countries, and TheDoc68 only reinforces Tom’s interest by posting a group of cars from India. It’s an interesting mix of English and American cars and includes a first-generation Camaro. That must have been difficult to import, and it looks like the current owner is taking care of it as such.

That is just a taste of the submissions that Tom and the team have received, and we will continue highlighting the best that come in via the Hagerty Community. If you would like to share yours, be sure to add some photos and include a brief description. You never know, Tom Cotter might be knocking on your door.

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