Racing Lines: A young lady’s quest for speed in a Mazdaspeed Miata - Hagerty Media

After much anticipation, Hagerty’s Automotive Lifestyle Writer, Tara Hurlin, finally gets her car track-ready enough to hit the GingerMan Raceway course. “Ten years ago I would have never imagined myself driving on a track, but after two years of adding hefty modifications to an already fun car — my 2004 Madzaspeed Miata —the urge was overwhelming, and there’s no point in building a car if you aren’t going to drive it,” she said.

“It’s an addiction, and now I fully understand why.  It is the freedom of the track and being forced to concentrate on only one thing, driving, while you leave the rest of the world behind. It’s the adrenaline rush that comes with having total control of a powerful machine – and the possibility of losing control – and it’s the challenge of driving the car to its full potential, always chasing down your next best time.”

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