On last week’s Redline Update, Davin introduced the new Redline Garage space and invited you to comment in your questions and pressing curiosities about the how and why of our new workspace. The comments poured in, and Davin waded through and pulled the most popular responses and addressed them in this weeks video.

The questions posed gave the Redline team a bit of an insight to you viewers and what it is that sticks in your brains after years of watching these videos.

“Yes, we do have a bathroom,” says Davin when asked about the weirder questions that came from the request. “We haven’t had any reason to film in there in the past, and frankly I hope it stays that way!”

Other items were the compressor setup, what tools Davin has and why, and how the team keeps it all straight. Yes, there is a whiteboard off in the corner that tracks past, current, and future projects. The tools are a mix-match set of pieces acquired here and there blended with some very nice complete sets that Craftsman dropped off a few weeks ago. There are still a few big tools on Davin’s wish list though.

“I still need to find a lathe and a mill. those are two things that are really handy when doing larger projects. We have the space now, and those two items would allow me to take on some bigger items in-house. Plus, they are really fun toys to play with.”

The last point Davin address is one he has been hearing about for more than the last week. The questions and comments about the 1950 Chevrolet 3600’s oxidation and general lack of restoration. To that, Davin says that was never the goal–and that is fine. There are thousands of restored pickups out there and in terms of a restoration project, this particular pick would have been a terrible candidate.

“It was really too far gone to go through and restore. I would have had to replace 90 percent of the truck. However, it was absolutely worth getting it running, safe, and usable. Be able to drive it and use it is still way better than it’s previous life of rotting in the field. It just goes to show that you can rescue something like this, make it safe, and enjoy it.”

That 3600 pickup is not done yet though. The bed is still in process and a few eagle-eyed watcher last week noticed a small oil slick that appeared under the engine, two things Davin will need to sort out. What else is on the to-do list? You’ll have to tune in to future episodes to find out, so be sure to subscribe to the Hagerty YouTube channel to recieve notifications with each video that goes live.

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