Tom Cotter continues his search for the lost cars across the U.S. and finds himself in a giant chicken coop packing some Oldsmobile muscle. From parts to complete cars, this stash of ‘60s muscle represents a classic barn find. Covered in dust and sunk up to the rims in dirt, these cars are just waiting to be rescued.

With the northern states still under the cold spell of winter, Tom heads to NASCAR country based on a tip from a social media post asking for leads on cool cars. When he arrives, he finds a chicken farm that no longer holds chickens and instead houses all types of machinery.

Deep in the chicken coop hides a Buick GS Stage 1, one of the hottest muscle cars Buick produced in the era when horsepower was king. The GS 455 was rated at 350 horsepower and a ground-pounding 510 pound-feet of torque, and the GS Stage 1 also came equipped with a 455 cubic-inch V-8, this time with larger valves, higher compression, and a lumpier cam that was rated just 10 horsepower higher. Many tests of the era concluded this was a gross underrating as the full-size car could rip off a 13.38-second quarter mile at over 100 mph.

These rare pieces of muscle car history were in hiding, but it didn’t take much for Tom to find them. All he had to do was ask. Are you looking for a particular car? Leave a note in the comments below. Another reader just might have the lead you need.

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