This week’s video was, as usual, a bit of a comedic struggle for one man in his garage. Watch and enjoy the rather … different project of removing the original 260-cubic-inch V-8 from the rally-ready 1966 Sunbeam Tiger and replacing it with the world-famous Redline Rebuild 289 built by our own Davin Reckow. The original motor will be shrink-wrapped for posterity, and who wouldn’t mind doubling the horsepower of an already fun car anyway?

Plenty of backyard engineering is afoot here, including the construction of an engine dolly out of scrap wood and yard-sale wheel skates—not to mention the obvious choice of a Japanese diplomat-worthy car to pull the motor out from under the Tiger. Well, you should probably just watch the video.

Brad Phillips

Next week, we start to swap the Tiger-specific engine parts from one engine to the other. There will be plenty of enhancements to the car besides what you’ve seen so far—hope you’re enjoying my journey to Big Cat greatness!

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