The Jeep Cherokee (XJ) was a pioneer that set the stage for the massive success of the modern day SUV. It had an unmistakable combination of on-road handling, off-road prowess, and a simple, tough, but comfortable design for the whole family. And while the more famous Jeep Wrangler is also more desirable to many off-roaders, the XJ still enjoys a loyal following to this day.  Chip Foose sees potential in the clean and uncluttered lines, doing very little to make it into the perfect off-road vehicle.

Chip starts by drawing a two-door XJ in side profile, creating an honest tribute to the two-box design with details like the roof rack, C-pillar window vents, and the strong cutline that goes across the body side. Chip adds step bars, tucked-in bumpers, an additional front tube bumper, fender flares, a mild lift kit, and larger wheels in a design worthy of the original stamped steel five-spoke affairs.

Chip finishes his design by rendering the XJ in black, with blue sky reflections that suggest it’s taking advantage of being in the great outdoors.  Do you think he did the legendary XJ justice?  Tell us what you think in the comments.

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    Love that JEEP design. Goose your amazing. I have a 96 Cherokee 4 door. Going to use this design as a reference to upgrade my XJ.

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