The new, 992 generation of Porsche’s GT3 RS is the most extreme, ever. Henry Catchpole gets behind the wheel of this latest 911 on track at Silverstone during the international launch and is understandably blown away by the speed it is capable of delivering. It certainly lives up to its Rennsport name. But he has a question: Is it fun as well as fast?

In this episode of The Driver’s Seat, we look at the latest GT3 RS’s glorious naturally aspirated flat-six engine, the wild aerodynamics, the lightweight Weissach pack and then, perhaps most interestingly of all, the adjustability. Because in this new car you can easily tweak and tune the setup to your heart’s content. You can adjust differential settings, traction control, stability control and the dampers all from behind the wheel.

That last topic is where the mountain bike comes in. To help explain some of the basics of the suspension Henry decided to head to the woods with a YT Industries Capra, complete with Flight Attendant (that’s a fancy suspension system, not someone who serves a meal on a Boeing).

Finally, we delve into some of the more technical aspects of setting up the car for a circuit like the Nurburgring Nordschleife with none other than Jörg Bergmeister. A Winner at both Le Mans and Daytona, Jörg then gives Henry a passenger lap to demonstrate just what 860kg/1900lbs of downforce (combined with a lot of talent and experience) can do through high-speed bends like Maggots and Becketts or braking into Brooklands.

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