BMW’s M Division is on a roll. The M2 CS was brilliant, the M5 CS was bewitching, the reviews were effusive. Now, after an absence of almost 20 years, and in honor of M’s 50th birthday, BMW has brought back its most iconic badge of all: CSL. However, at first glance, the new G82 M4 CSL isn’t particularly ‘L,’ which stands for ‘lightweight.’ At a DIN curb weight of 1625kg or 3583lb, the new M4 is pretty chunky.

However, Catchpole wonders whether we should be so quick to judge. Since the badge doesn’t just represent lightweight, we decided that the new M4 should meet its predecessor; the amazing E46 M3 CSL. From the use of carbon fibre, to the extreme Michelin tyres, to the questionable gearboxes, to the tails of aquatic birds—the more you look at the two, the more there are interesting comparisons.

We hope you enjoy the film – there is some stunning FPV drone footage to feast your eyes on. And even if you’re more of a Porsche person, you will want to watch this video just to see Henry wrestle (fairly unsuccessfully) with a trio of helium balloons on a windy Welsh hillside. Idiot.

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