In the world of fast estate cars, everyone is talking about the new BMW M3 Touring and Mercedes’ newly unveiled hybrid four-cylinder AMG C63 Wagon. This has clearly annoyed Audi, which has arguably been king of practical performance ever since the RS2, which it developed with Porsche back in the 1990s

So, to redress the balance, Audi has poached a bit of BMW’s naming strategy and produced the RS4 Avant Competition. Despite its twin-turbo V6 not having more power or torque this RS4 is quicker, doing 0-62mph in just 3.9 seconds, and faster, with a maximum speed of 180mph. But even more interestingly it promises to be greater fun in the corners, thanks to a recalibrated quattro Sport differential, new steering, stiffer anti-roll bars and a lovely set of three-way adjustable coilovers.

This new RS Sport Suspension Pro allows the car to be dropped by up to 20mm which lends it an incredibly aggressive stance and should be great on track. But the worry is that it will also compromise the ride quality on the road. After all this is meant to be a practical and useable performance car that you could taking shopping when you’re not setting lap times.

To find out if it’s an improvement or now just a bit niche, Henry Catchpole puts the latest fast Audi Avant through its paces around town, in the hills and on the amazing Ascari race track in Southern Spain. He also puts a dog in the back. We hope you enjoy the film!

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    The only way to buy a sporty wagon these days is to buy an old one, in some cases very old! What a shame. We in the US are stuck with super heavy SUV’s instead. Ugh!

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