Moving a Ferrari and a Cobra to get to a Triumph and Morgan Plus 8 | Barn Find Hunter - Ep. 91 - Hagerty Media

The woodie wagon takes a break this week, with Tom focusing less on discovering cars (for once) and instead looking to move a few dirty cars from one resting spot to another. That, to be fair, is a bit of an oversimplification considering he’s dealing with a Ferrari and a Cobra that need to get the shove. But they are mighty dirty, and the building they’re in is set to be destroyed.

The move, however, doesn’t commence until we discuss some of the other interesting rides living in the doomed building. The first is a green Morgan Plus 8. The 215 V-8 powered roadster is one many interesting footnotes of Morgan history because it is an example of a propane conversion car. Mainly a response to emissions regulations, the conversion required removal of the entire fuel system that was replaced with a propane tank and all the hardware to make the engine run smoothly. With no traditional fuel gauge, the glovebox mounted propane tank pressure was the only reference to range the driver would have. Good luck talking the 19-year-old at True Value into topping off your car with a fresh tank.

The other relic worth noting in the garage is a white Triumph TR6. The 1976 convertible has just 9000 miles on it from new, and as Tom points out, it is absolutely a neat piece, but is overshadowed by the Cobra and Ferrari. The original tires and trunk full of bits and pieces make it a restorer’s dream. Many folks consider the sound of the British straight-six to be sublime, but this one is not one many have heard since it has not run in decades.

With the talking done, it’s time to get to work moving cars. The driveway angle is causing issues with getting a trailer right to garage door, so it becomes a careful game of pushing cars. The Cobra and Ferrari leave their places without a fight, but the Morgan and Triumph both initially suffer from locked-up wheels. Luckily for Tom and crew, the restoration shop that came to help out has a set of wheel dollies and a trailer with a winch.

The wheels all eventually broke loose, making for a much less stressful day. The cars all went off to the restoration shop for storage, and the garage was ultimately torn down.

It is not all about finding cars to Tom, but also about keeping them out of danger and putting them in the hands of a loving owner. What will Tom find on the next adventure? You’ll have to subscribe to Hagerty’s YouTube channel to find out with the next video.

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