Few cars put a generation of motorists behind the wheel on a scale rivaling that of the VW Beetle. In Chip Foose’s view, the ubiquitous People’s Car from Germany is much like a 1932 Ford, in that it deserves to be customized to reach its full design potential. Considering the affordable price and widespread availability of Bugs, it makes sense to go a little wild, so Chip doesn’t hesitate to alter large chunks of the Beetle’s iconic body.

Starts with the Beetle’s famous hood form, Chip naturally extends its lines into the center and rear of the body. The roof and fenders disappear but the doors remain, making an overall form not unfamiliar to owners of ’32 Ford roadsters. Wheels are rendered in a classic “big and little” stance, and soon a classic hot rod emerges from the paper. The drawing wraps up in a basic black and white rendering, as it’s more of an ideation sketch outlining one of the many custom possibilities one could pursue with a VW Beetle.

Chip keeps his sketching technique loose and theoretical, letting your eyes imagine where his creative mind will take the iconic Type 1. What do you think of the final vision?

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