LEGO Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Time-Lapse Build - Hagerty Media

One of the delights of a motorcycle project is how fast it can progress compared to an automotive one, but no full-size project provides the ease and fun that you get from a LEGO build. Those little plastic bricks click together with a satisfying speed that can take you from a bag of pieces to a finished, ready-for-the-desk piece in no time.

This particular build is based on a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy, which is one of the smaller bikes in the HD lineup. The LEGO version is solid suspension both front and rear, while the real Fat Boy has 5 inches of travel in the front forks and 4 inches of travel cleverly hidden in the rear. The low seat and disc wheels give the Fat Boy a tough and solid vibe, while the chassis is set up a bit softer to keep the rider from getting beat up while going down the road.

The LEGO’s plastic pistons would, of course, never survive in a real engine, especially an air-cooled monster like the Milwaukee 114 currently fitted in the Fat Boy. However, if you’ve got a full-sized Fat Boy in your garage—or even if you don’t—the LEGO version is still a super cool piece for your desk or shelf. Assembling it is half the fun, and our time-lapse video means you can enjoy it coming together again and again.

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