A long time ago, the automotive bug bit me in a big way. It’s also safe to say automotive passion runs in the family, which might be why when my father began threatening to sell the 1930 Ford Model A coupe that had been in his care for over 50 years, I couldn’t sit idly by and watch family history be towed away to be come someone’s hot rod project.

Film photo of Model A Ford
Kyle Smith

So, I put it on a trailer and towed it halfway across the country to put it in my garage. Little did I know, I had signed up to rescue a rather worn out coupe. Just pushing it on and off the trailer allowed me to feign ignorance to the multitude of issues hiding behind brake drums and under floorboards. Thankfully, once I got it home, I discovered that it started right up with minimal effort, and drove enough to prove it is not a lost cause.

Model A on trailer
Kyle Smith

Once the elation of a running, driving project car wore off, I was left with the harsh reality that I have a lot of work to do on this car. The brakes are bad, the steering worse, and the engine needs more than a little fiddling to run like it should. It’s a car worth the work though, at least to me. In fact, I have a lot of work to do on just about everything in my garage—including the garage itself.

Kyle in his garage
Kyle Smith

I’m going to start in on the Model A and invite you all along for the high and lows of working on the various projects I will tackle in my humble home garage. From DIY tips to entertaining experiments with vintage car parts, I have some fun projects lined up. To stay up-to-date on what those projects are, be sure to subscribe to the Hagerty YouTube channel to receive notifications with each video that goes live. In the meantime, go work on whatever project you have going.

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