"It's Alive!" Davin takes our 1950 Chevy pickup for a drive | Redline Update - Hagerty Media

The Redline Update 1950 Chevrolet five-window truck has been hanging around the garage for almost an entire year, needing work at every turn in the hopes that one day the mighty 216 inline-six will fire up and propel the truck out the door and down the road. That day has finally come.

“It’s been really fun working on this project and resurrecting it from the sad state we found it in,” Davin says about the green long-box pickup. “It is not quite done, but it is certainly ready to get to work, rather than get worked on!”

Of course, there were a few items to tidy up before that first drive. The hood is not required by law but it sure is nice, which is why that’s the last thing Davin installs before firing up the 216 and backing out of the garage. It bears repeating—even if it’s not in the video—to check your brakes one last time with a firm push on the pedal before backing your project out for the first time. Hagerty’s claims team is no stranger to the “I couldn’t stop” situation. We don’t want it to happen to you.

Everything works for Davin though, and that means that since the engine has already been broken in on the test stand, he can get straight to cruising. He doesn’t cruise far though. A new assembly needs sorting out, and staying close to home makes it easier to deal with any issues that crop up. After a few laps though, Davin feels ready to put the pickup to work, and he loads a cabinet from the shop into the unfinished bed and drives out of the Redline Rebuild garage … possibly for the last time?

If you want to know what’s happening with that empty workspace, be sure to stay tuned. By subscribing to the Hagerty Youtube channel, you’ll be notified when each video goes live—including the next one, when Davin explains why the shop is empty and what’s next for the Redline Rebuild crew.

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