The Subaru EJ205 has been a headache for Davin and the team, but it’s finally reached the point where it’s a pretty headache. This week it becomes a real handfulliterally.

The front drive of an engine is critical in running all of the accessories we have grown accustomed to. Things like the alternator, air conditioning, and power steering all hinge upon the belts at the front of the engine transferring the rotational motion of the crankshaft and out to these various accessories. With the long block assembled, Davin pivots to putting these components in place and timing everything. First is the water pump, which includes a fun little side quest to repair a stripped thread in the aluminum block. Drill, tap, Helicoil, and it’s good as new.

Then it’s onto installing the timing belt, and while it is a critical piece that has to work correctly the first time or the whole engine has a good chance of becoming scrap metal, the process is actually quite simple. The belt is marked with reference lines that align with marks in the timing cover and on the pulleys themselves. The only struggle came on the left bank, as Davin needed to rotate the cams into position, which required opening valves and thus fighting valve-spring pressure. With the use of a specialty tool for gripping the timing belt pulleys from the inside, the task wasn’t so bad though.

Final step was pulling the pin that releases the tensioner for the belt. That pin might look like a hand grenade, but Davin is confident that this one won’t be exploding anytime soon. With the timing set and the front end of the engine completed, it’s time to call it a dayat least for Davin. You, on the other, should get out in the shop and work on your own projects. Before you go, be sure to subscribe to the Hagerty YouTube channel to never miss a new Redline Update.

— Kyle Smith

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