Losing your mind because the only thing holding up your project is a seized bolt? Davin Reckow is here to show you the DIY tools and techniques you’ll need to get those frustrating bolts out of the way. Whether you’re a practiced wrench in the garage or a newcomer, it’s always good to know how to push past those project roadblocks.

Davin starts out with two pesky bolts stuck in an aluminum timing cover. His tools include a wrench, vise grips, a metal brush, an oxyacetylene torch, safety glasses, a MIG welder, protective gloves, and a welding mask.

For the bolt that’s poking out a little more, it’s as straightforward as heating the area with the torch and working the bolt out. First he cleans the area with the brush, and then Davin puts on his safety gloves and glasses, proceeding to evenly heat the area with the torch. He then works it back and forth with the vise grips until it’s turning freely, at which point he can twist it out.

The other bolt is almost flush to the cover, so the grips will likely slip. So the plan of action is to weld a nut to the bolt, and then yank out the whole thing, nut first. After a quick weld job, it’s as simple as twisting off the nut/bolt combo with a wrench while everything is still warm.

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