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It’s one of the great unifying experiences that automotive enthusiasts everywhere can commiserate over: “I never should have sold that car.” When we’re forced to part ways with the car that captured our hearts and taught us the virtues of the road trip and the empty backroad, we’re left chasing that sense of wonder and discovery for the remainder of our lives.

Often, we don’t happen upon the love of cars independently—there’s a family member, a friend, or a relative, who invites us to hop in the passenger seat that first time. They help set the hook, and it’s not long before we’re hearing about the one that got away from them. It’s only natural to want to bring that special ride back to them, as a way of saying thanks.

This holiday season, Hagerty had the chance to tell the story of one such gentleman who did just that.

In the film, our protagonist stumbles upon a baby blue MGA parked in a barn while delivering an appraisal of a Bentley 4 ½-liter. After discovering that it’s the very same car that his father misses so much, he purchases the car and heads for home. A few spirited jaunts through the British countryside later, he’s fallen in love with driving all over again and understands why his father misses the car.

Fast-forward to the holidays, where after a few months of tinkering with and enjoying the old car, the son does what so many of us yearn to be able to do someday: he delivers the car to his father, passing him the keys and returning to him those cherished miles and memories.

We can’t all buy back our automotive mentor’s long-lost car. Most of us can’t even buy back our own. But this holiday season, Hagerty encourages you to reach out to your automotive mentor(s), and thank them for helping you fall in love with this hobby that we all love so dearly.

This holiday season, as always, never stop driving.

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