Having no gas pedal is a good thing | Know it All with Jason Cammisa | Ep. 07 - Hagerty Media

By-wire throttle seems like a silly idea, replacing a simple cable with a potentiometer and an electric motor to accomplish the same thing. But there are many benefits, some of which are explored here.

We have many names for the right pedal — gas, throttle, accelerator — but none of those are accurate.

Today’s cars use them as “throttle request pedals,” since they’re connected to nothing but a computer. Then, it’s up to the computer to decide how to make the torque you’ve requested at the drive wheels, with a combination of dozens of variables including, finally, throttle opening.

Giving a computer full control over everything actually simplifies functions like cruise control, idle speed control, and traction control. But it also helps your car get better fuel economy, and cruise more quietly.

Oh, and it can help avoid a crash.

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