Video: The 100 Hour ’46 Ford Truck Rebuild: The Hagerty Swap to Street Challenge - Hagerty Media

We’re building our 1946 Ford pickup around the clock, during the Antique Automobile Club of America’s annual Hershey Fall Meet. Will we make it in under 100 hours?


• Purchased a 1946 Ford pickup from a field in Michigan
• We sorted out the drum brakes ahead of time for safety purposes, since we’re driving it back to Michigan on Sunday. The axles are what were on the truck when we found it.
• In-cab fuel tank recoated.

• Got the truck to Hershey
• Posies Rods and Customs donated a set of springs
• Sourced Parts – Inside Door Handles, Box, Fenders, Battery Box, Bench Seat
• Tara found a rat castle in the glove box
• Brad finished disassembling the old leaf springs and installing a new Posies leaf spring kit. The pickup is now slightly lowered but will have a smoother ride. (And Brad’s got the first set of bloody knuckles.)
• Davin fabricated some floor pans which he’s  installing.
• Sourced a 3 core aluminum radiator (We are now fully committed to a Flathead V8 & Manual Transmission)
• Sourced a transmission mount, two motor mounts, turn signals, the correct rearview mirror, taillights, pedals, outside mirror and accelerator pedal
• WE GOT AN ENGINE!!! (Flathead V-8 from a ’53 Ford. It came with the trans, too)
(Here’s the scoop: We had a guy stop by the booth yesterday to tell us he had a V-8. Now, we’ve had quite a few tips so far that we’ve chased down, all to no avail.This particular guy, though, said he had a V-8 that was running. It was on a stand…on his garage in Virgnia. VIRGINIA. He meant to bring it, but he ran out of time. So what did the team do? Davin, Tara and Jordan (video team) drove 5 hours round trip to get it.)

• Corky Coker came by to see the build
• Tara is out to hunt for some parts: Wide crank pulley, three generators need tested, wide belt water pump, and some 6v LED bulbs
• Corky donated tires.
• Matt is working on Electrical
• Davin is finishing the floorpans
• Brad is stripping the engine bits.
• We are still on the hunt for that all-important drivetrain, but today we sourced a battery box, engine mounts, radiator, door mirror, interior door handles, the bench seat, taillights, bed, rear bumper and rear fenders.
• Jonathan Stein and Marketing VP Doug Clark tracked down a clutch plate on the Red Field
• We got horns, hood springs and hood hinges
• Start work on the bed

• Brad and team are working to lay the wood for the bed; Matt is working on wiring; and Davin is off chasing down a lead on an oil pan
• Oil Pan Donated on behalf of Robert Redneck, a longtime Hershey swap meeter and supporter…an all-around good person. His friends felt this was a fitting tribute to him
• Matt’s got all the taillight wiring, front clip wiring and engine wiring loomed and ready to go
•Driveshaft is installed

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