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If you’re wondering why you should consider Hagerty for your track day and HPDE event coverage, you could hear it from us … but why not listen to a couple of people with direct experience using our products?
At a recent Time Trial National Tour held at VIR, we spoke with two drivers who have covered their track cars and high-performance race vehicles with Hagerty Motorsports Insurance. From the trailer to the event to time trials on the racetrack to the garage and all points in between, find out what made these two drivers say things like:
“Every time I’m on the track, I know that I’m covered.”
“Knowing that I’ve got that coverage gives me the peace of mind to be able to go and enjoy the track, and not be afraid of what could happen on the track … It’s pretty awesome.”
“Hagerty took care of all of the expenses … after everything was said and done, I was able to get back into a ride within nine days.”
“The people at Hagerty have done everything they can to accommodate the situation.”
We’re always happy to learn how we’ve helped make race days a little more worry-free, and that when accidents occur, we were able to help take care of the situation quickly. Want that kind of peace of mind for your next race event?

Learn more on our website or give us a call at 800.747.5348

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