Video: hag & chrome FW15 Campaign feat. Porsche - Hagerty Media

Art stems from a deliberate action from its creator, and it is meant to convey a message — an emotional or sensual response. Art is made with love, heart and soul, and perhaps some blood, sweat and tears. Take a Porsche, for example: The curves move you, the engine speaks to you and its name drives you to a place of bold history, beauty and euphoria. And when it is destroyed, a ripple of disgust, anguish and sorrow erupts within your soul.

rag & bone, a fashion company aptly named for featuring waif-like models wearing expensive garments, senselessly destroyed one of these true works of art — a beautiful black 1979 Porsche 911SC — by dropping a graffiti-covered concrete barrier onto the car. They call the ad campaign beautiful and bold, but we call it a catastrophe, and the ’79 911SC’s brethren have returned for revenge.

If you’re really into punishing yourself, you can watch the rag & bone version here. The video comments at least are definitely worth a read.

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