Chris is sticking around Tacoma, Washington to check out Griot’s Garage and you won’t believe this car collection, plus their restoration shop, Griot’s Motors. From the Griot’s favorite family road tripper to the McLaren 720, and a special Porsche 911 S that made its way back home, there’s no shortage of cool cars to see. Did we mention the collection of vintage race cars?

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    I know you can’t possible cover every vehicle in the building in just 20 minutes but COME ON! You have access to a 1974 Lancia Stratos, possible Marcello Gandini’s greatest achievement and arguably the single greatest piece of automotive design and you do nothing more then offer a sweeping shot? That is criminal. This is a car with one of the greatest race records in automotive history with 3 consecutive WRC titles (74′, 75′ and 76′) and the first car ever designed and built by a major manufacturer with the sole purpose of winning a World Rally Championship. It is the first homologated WRC car and influenced the trajectory of the WRC all the way through the epic year of 1983 when Lancia again won the WRC with their Lancia 037. Chris is a great host, does his homework and knows his stuff…. just a shame he’s stuck in a time limited series that often misses target for us true car people. How much do you think we want to see another Corvette or, gag… another Porsche 911. They have been covered to death. Focus more on the interesting cars like the BMW Isetta’s and Ford RS200’s and less on the bland, commonplace stuff that is simply available with a Google keyword search and a checkbook.

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