Tom and the Barn Find Hunter crew have been put in a bit of a pinch by the travel restrictions placed in various parts of the country. Despite what you may think, there is a silver lining: it has allowed the crew to go back and revisit some of our greatest finds, particularly the ones in which we didn’t have enough time to talk about all the good stuff. Time is something we all have in great supply, these days.

One of the biggest stashes of cars Tom has ever stumbled across is also one that really deserves a revisit. Billy Eubanks’ massive collection of cars was nestled into the trees of the Carolinas, and the depth and breadth of the cars in the multitude of buildings meant that even with an extra-long episode back in 2018, we couldn’t even begin to talk about them all.

It’s almost hard to believe that the first episode covering this group of cars had to gloss over this many great finds. More than a few Hemi cars, homologation specials, and Jaguar coupes are strewn about the property, and now two years on you get to hear the whole story. Enjoy this walk with Tom around a property that might be familiar, but it’s all fresh cars for you loyal viewers.

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