GR Corolla vs GR Yaris w/ Civic Type R, Golf R, Lancia Delta Integrale — Jason Cammisa on the ICONS - Hagerty Media

This is the definitive review of the Toyota GR Corolla, for the first time tested against the GR Yaris, the FL5 11th-generation Honda Civic Type R, and Mk8 Volkswagen Golf R — all with manual transmissions.

As always, award-winning automotive journalist Jason Cammisa brings perspective and insight into this review, starting with Volkswagen inventing the hot-hatch segment with the original Mk1 GTI, Lancia inventing the super-hatch segment with the homologation-special Delta Integrale.

SCCA Hall of Fame race-car driver co-stars in this full-length review, setting a new record lap time at the Streets of Willow racetrack in Southern California, even though he’s still coughing after a battle with COVID-19.

In fact, it’s the Coronavirus that sets the stage here — the global pandemic was a reminder that life is too short to take anything seriously, including drifts, sliding, understeer, and Toyota’s GR-4 All-Wheel Drive system.

In the process, Jason falls through a bush, a Lancia Delta blows flames out of its exhaust, we drag race a GR Corolla Morizo versus a GR Yaris, we race them around a track, listen to Typhoid Randy coughing, Randy sets new FWD and hot-hatch lap records, the Corolla calls 9-1-1 on us 9 times, we learn who Mr. Morizo is, and Jason realizes, thanks to Adam Sandler, that he’s actually a nobody.

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