It’s the world’s quietest drag race — Genesis GV60 Performance, versus BMW’s new iX xDrive50, versus the Ford Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition, and the benchmark Tesla Model Y Dual-Motor Performance. That is until a C7 Corvette Stingray Z51 shows up…

The question we’re answering today: who makes the quickest mid-size people-mover — and we drag race them to find out, complete with our signature Cammisa Replay, explaining what you just saw.

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    When will the media grow up and stop this EV drag race crap. Yes we all know they are fast. But if you want sell them they need to be affordable and have a decent range.

    GM is just not introducing the Equinox EV that is for real people. It is still quick but has a good range and starts at $30K and even loaded undercuts most Tesla models and with better quality.

    So please if you want to promote the virtues of EV start showing better cross country times for an EV than 42 hours. That is more the kind of performance that people want and need.

    These two second CUV EV models are just going to hit a pole leaving the cars and coffee and Hagerty may have to pay to repair a car due to one.

    Having ruined my hearing driving too many miles in a loud cage or a loud motorcycle, I (and I’m sure others) am dependent on reading the close captions on these entertaining and informative videos by Cammisa and others on the Drivers Club. WHAT HAPPPENED TO THE CAPTIONS THAT WERE INCLUDED IN THESE VIDEOS??? Please consider including them again.

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