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Jason Cammisa’s award-winning, best car review on the Internet tackles the brand-new 2023 Genesis G90 and takes a big-picture look at Genesis’ bright future. Starring the original Lexus LS400, the current Lexus LS500h, the all-electric Genesis G60 SUV, and the first Hyundai sold in America — the Hyundai Excel.

Throughout history, the biggest differentiator between the best cars and forgettable cars has been their engine. As an automaker, Genesis has reached unexpected heights, but it’s held back by the workaday engines from its Hyundai parent. Once its products go electric, that differentiator is going away, potentially catapulting Genesis to the top of the luxury car heap where desirability reigns supreme.

Come along on this enlightening — and hilarious — journey that includes 4 different car reviews, 2 drag races, and a 1994 Hyundai that disintegrates in front of our eyes. All with a bonus BTS outtake featuring the hilarious Randy Pobst.

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    How about doing a review of the Hyundai Nexo. It would be interesting to see you give hydrogen equal time since it is a Hyundai.

    Another long overblown review by Cammisa. He took 21+ minutes to tell a five minute opinion yet again but I would hardly call it a full review. How did he win an award, wait, maybe it was a participation award. More of the same exaggerated facts to the point of absurdity. Hagerty, please find someone else to do these videos that is actually informative and entertaining.

    I have seen on display this car, and the sticker price was over $100,000.00. I did not get close enough to it to determine if it was worth it.

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