Parts I and II of this little series were really all about working on the top side of the car to prepare it for the engine swap, but in this Part III video, it’s time to get dirty!

260 Tiger Jacking
Brad Phillips

Removing the Ford 260-cu-in V-8 from the confines of the Tiger engine bay takes a lot of lifting, jacking, bracing, and swearing under my breath. As you may know, you have to drop it out from the bottom, which is quite different from most cars. The biggest item to move besides the engine itself is the subframe that holds the steering rack and front suspension. It’s one big unit that is held in place by four long bolts that go through the subframe and up into the frame rails of the car.

The trick, of course, is to know that you have to have a super long extension to reach those bolts. At the same time, you’ve got to prepare by making sure the subframe is fully supported—it’s a foot off the ground at this point so you can get to it. As you’ll see in the video, when it drops out it’s like a work of art. Watch your foot.

260 Tiger Subframe
Brad Phillips

I also get to use a tool a friend built for me, making it easier to lift up the body. You have to do this carefully on a Tiger, which needs to be lifted high enough to pull the motor out from underneath. To the uninitiated, it just looks like a metal rod with some angle iron attached to it, but in reality it is a very special lifting apparatus. I guess it’s both of those things. Either way, super handy.

260 Tiger Rod
Brad Phillips

I’m making mistakes along the way, but I’m starting to get on a roll with the project. Things are getting fun. I’m also learning that making these videos is challenging when you’re working by yourself. You have to be thinking all the time about the camera, the batteries, the storage cards, the lighting, the sound…and this is by no means an ideal-quality production. My hat is off to those that can actually get stuff done on their car while also filming it!

260 Tiger No Subframe
Brad Phillips

Next video: we drop this engine. See you in Part IV!







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