Exterior & Engine Cleaning a 1969 Nissan Fairlady Z432 | Beyond the Details - Ep 03 - Hagerty Media

Welcome to Beyond The Details, hosted by Tim McNair of Grand Prix Concours. In this series, we’ll be following Tim as he travels America performing concours-level preparation to some of the rarest, most expensive and exclusive vehicles… in the world.

In this episode, Tim is cleaning up an extremely unique Nissan Z, originally built for the Japanese Domestic Market. What makes it so unique? It’s equipped with the inline 6 out of another well-known Nissan: the third generation GT-R. This car has been in storage for a few years, so Tim tackles an overall exterior cleaning, as well as repainting of the badging and also bringing some shine under the hood. So join us as Tim takes you Beyond The Details with this fabulous Nissan.

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