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Come springtime, there’s a lot of leftover gunk and grit on the roads from winter. If you want to get out and drive without worrying about errant pebbles that could chip your paint, one easy and affordable solution is to use XPELTracWrap for vulnerable sections of your car. Hagerty editor-in-chief Larry Webster demonstrates how to apply this temporary protectant in a home garage, so you can try it for yourself and enjoy the spring driving season with peace of mind.

With a road trip planned for his Ford Mustang—and perhaps a few stops at some drag strips—Webster wanted to give the car some protection against road debris. And whether you take your car to the track or just generally drive around town, a little barrier between road hazards and your car’s paint can take some of the stress out of driving a collector vehicle.

The reason Webster likes XPEL TracWrap is mainly that it is straightforward to apply, and it’s neither as expensive nor permanent as a clear bra, so there isn’t as much of a concern about applying it perfectly. Just clean off the car thoroughly with microfiber and a bit of quick detailer, measure the 8-mil-thick plastic to the size you need, place it on the sections you’d like to protect, and gently press the adhesive down as you move across the plastic with a wide, flat tool like a credit card.

“It’s definitely not rocket science,” Webster says, “but it’s certainly useful.”

He uses the wrap for the hood to account for grit and rocks that a truck might kick up on the highway, but he also pays special attention to the rear section behind the rear tire, where a lot of cars get nicked up after ripping up the drag strip.

When you’re done, TracWrap just peels right off. Watch the full DIY video to see how it’s done. After all, anything that makes it easier and more enjoyable to get out there and experience the open road is a good thing.

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