While we can’t quite pinpoint when a building full of cars becomes a collection, the selection toured by Tom Cotter in the latest Barn Find Hunter episode tours a collection that is wildly eclectic—a place where Tom gets to geek out over Volkswagen Rabbit pickups in the same building as a Daimler SP250. It’s also a building full of cars that you can easily purchase, as the tour is led by a dealer who purchased the entire group and plans to list them all for sale.

We’re getting ahead of ourselves, though. Window shopping is often just as much fun as real shopping, especially when it comes to cars. This grouping of cars is a lifetime collection from one gentleman who unfortunately has fallen ill, and the family needed to liquidate the cars to sell the property. That’s where Mike stepped in and came to the rescue with three trailers in tow. Before he started loading up the cars, however, Tom got a tour and took us along for the ride.

To call the collection “eclectic” would be a bit of an understatement. From Porsche 356 Speedsters to diesel Volkswagen pickups, the first building ran the gamut of post-war automotive cars of interest. Mike purchased 44 total after walking through and investigating a few of them, but Tom is digging into more than Mike did.

The storage has taken its toll on some, with mildew visible on door panels and steering wheels. However, a keen eye and willingness to do a little work makes these cars stand out as great potential projects. With a few still holding their secrets, even with Tom’s deep well of car knowledge on tap, it will be interesting to watch these go up for sale and head to new homes.

If you are interested in one of the cars, you can contact the dealership directly at AsheboroFord.net. Better yet, go out yourself and find a classic hiding in a barn. This Barn Find Hunter episode proves they’re out there and worth looking for.

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