Video: Cobra Racing | Hagerty Seminar | Hagerty Media


The Cobra vs. Ferrari rivalry that burned briefly but intensely from 1963-65 was one of racing’s greatest rivalries. Ever since racing at Le Mans in 1959 for Aston Martin, Carroll Shelby wanted to return to the world sports car stage with his own car and upset the status quo. The road to his aspiration drove straight through Maranello — Shelby would have to take on Ferrari to win. For Pebble Beach week, Hagerty presented famed Cobra Daytona Coupe designer Peter Brock and his hand-picked panel of some of the greatest surviving personalities from the Shelby racing stable from 1963-65 for an exciting discussion and audience question-and-answer session. Panelists include John Morton, Jerry Grant and Lew Spencer, some of the most well-known surviving Cobra race drivers.

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