The iconic Mini did everything from basic commuting to hitting the track in anger, and now Chip Foose has a plan to transform its classy lines to suit a red-hot BMW M3 powertrain. What would a Mini look like in order to be worthy of that performance upgrade?

Chip, much like a tailor, custom-fits the exterior to the powertrain. In his first rendering, he enlarges the wheel wells to fit an M3-worthy wheel, adds E30 M3-esque fender flares, includes a hood scoop to cool the BMW motor, and removes the Mini’s large manufacturing flange on the C-pillar.

For the next rendering, Chip modifies the side to include a chrome body molding carrying the lines from both chrome bumpers. He also adds a lowered stance, a 1969 Jaguar door handle, and a one-piece tilt-front end (eliminating cutlines from the factory hood) with a cutout for a BMW logo. Most importantly, he gives the A-pillars a slight chop. The final change makes the roofline tilt down slightly, giving the impression of speed. Chip finishes the rendering in a dark blue “paint job” and completes it with a natural background.

Chip calls this creation the “Mini-point-3,” since this small car packs such impressive performance under the sheetmetal. What do you think of Chip’s BMW-blended Mini?

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