Often ridiculed following its debut in the turbulent 1970s, the AMC Pacer’s radical interpretation of a compact car has since accomplished an impressive feat—it’s become a legitimate cult classic. One part of its shocking design included a large amount of glass to make the car both look and feel bigger, which is something Chip Foose reimagines as a custom delivery van.

Chip begins with a rear three quarter view of the Pacer, which aids in highlighting the changes he’ll make to the body. He adds a full-width taillight and 1967-68 Camaro bumpers to streamline the back end, erases the massive quarter window, and adds streetwise dual exhaust cutouts tucked into the roll pan. His second overlay cleans up the design, adds the Pacer’s signature door contouring, and includes a tubbed rear end for the right stance.

The final render is finished in a 1970s-era orange. Chip adds  a lower valence to the front bumper and ditches the blocky square door handle for an elegant chrome handle. A pop culture icon thanks to the Wayne’s World movie, the AMC Pacer gets a whole new look by taking on the modern day panel delivery van.

Such van conversions are still common in Europe; examples like the Ford Fiesta Van combine the sporty style of a compact “supermini” with the practicality of a delivery van. So, did Chip Foose reinvent this genre by adding serious street rod presence with his reimagined AMC Pacer?

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