In our latest video, Chip Foose takes on another icon of the motoring world, this time re-imagining the second-generation, one-year-only, split-window 1963 Chevrolet Corvette.  While these particular C2s (or Mid-Years, for the traditionalists) have a two-piece rear window with a metal strip down the center that hinders rearward visibility, this controversial design make these Corvettes rarer and more valuable today.

Regardless, Chip has a few ideas about how to redesign of this American classic. Starting with the side view of a 1963 coupe, Chip traces major elements of the split-window design in order to make subtle tweaks to the body.  He begins by adding stronger angles to both ends of the doors and removing the smoker’s vent window, making the doors sleeker. Chip also speeds up both the A and B pillars so they flow better with the body; this complements the custom chassis and lower ride height planned for what’s under the skin. The final line drawing includes a longer rear window (to speed up the profile), larger wheels with the Corvette wheel cover’s spinner design, a strong center crease, and the C2’s trademark side pipe exhaust.

Chip goes for sky blue in his color rendering, and the shadows highlight all the classic design elements of the second-gen Corvette. With the perfect stance, aggressive wheels, and a sleeker roofline, he certainly tweaked the slower elements without messing with perfection elsewhere. What do you think of the final product?

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