CT5-V Blackwing vs Tesla Model S Plaid vs M5 CS Review and Drag Race — Jason Cammisa on the Icons — Ep. 05 - Hagerty Media

Full review, track battle, and drag race of the Blackwing versus Plaid versus BMW M5 CS — what better way to find out why the top dog Cadillac is an icon?

In this episode, Jason reviews the CT5-V Blackwing along with the CT4-V Blackwing and the BMW M5 CS, and brings along a TMS Plaid to show why future Blackwings will be electric.

SCCA Hall of Fame race car driver, Randy Pobst, breaks the sedan lap record at Willow Springs (Big Willow) three times in one episode: which of these 3 super-sedans is quickest around a track?

The episode starts out with a drag race to see which one is quickest in a straight line — and the results might surprise you.

This is the definitive review of the CT5-V and the most sideways review of the BMW M5 and its incredible AWD system.

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