Building A Blown Pontiac Firebird Killer From A 185HP Smog Engine Assembly —Tony Angelo's Stay Tuned - Hagerty Media

On this first episode of Stay Tuned, Tony Angelo introduces us to his Street Freak Pontiac Firebird and dives deep into engine assembly. This mid-70s muscle car hasn’t had an engine in its bay since the early ’90s — and the team was determined to change that. We start with a limp, 1975 185HP Smog Engine, and watch as Tony and the team transform it into a 462 cubic inch, stroker monster. At the end of the episode, with the help of a bunch of Butler Performance parts, this thing is ready to eat boost and kill tires! Will this Firebird finally earn its wild-looking stripes, and become a Pontiac performance killer on the drag strip? Stay Tuned, as ultimate car guy Tony Angelo and his buddies, build down and dirty hot rods with one goal in mind—maximum fun.

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