The all-new 2021 Bronco takes Ford’s famous nameplate back to its roots as a purpose built off road machine. And make no mistake, the Bronco is a capable package that can be configured to almost anyone’s needs. So what can Chip Foose do (in a drawing) to make it better?  Go the complete opposite way, adding more speed, more sport, and far more street savvy!

The first thing Chip does is trace what makes the 2021 Bronco so special: the perfectly reimagined body made by Ford’s designers. His changes are subtle, including a more car-like windshield and A-pillar, a Mustang-worthy side-view mirror, a subtle body kit over the rocker panels, and a rear spoiler that gently rises from the custom roll bar (B-pillar).  The body is then lowered significantly—more so than a stock Ford F-150 SVT Lightning—for a street stance complete with Mustang Mach 1-inspired wheels.

Chip finishes his rendering for a white body, charcoal fender flares, and body kit, a hood stripe that’s slightly reminiscent of a 1970 Mustang BOSS 302, and replace the Bronco’s turbocharged Ecoboost engines for the Coyote V-8 of the Mustang Mach 1. As Chip suggests, this is the complete opposite of what people expect with a Ford Bronco. And isn’t that what makes it so special?

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