Video: Boom or Bust? What 2015 holds for the collector car market | Hagerty Seminar - Hagerty Media

This year marks 25 years since the last historic market peak of 1990, and what happened a year later still resonates in the market today. Our panel of distinguished experts will discuss the current state of the market and what the similarities and differences are between 2015 and 1990.
The panel includes experts Wayne Carini, host of Velocity’s “Chasing Classic Cars”; Ken Lingenfelter, car collector and owner of Lingenfelter Performance Engineering; Donnie Gould, Senior Car Specialist with RM Auctions; and Rob Sass, Publisher of Hagerty Classic Cars magazine.
The discussion will be moderated by Dave Kinney, Publisher of the Hagerty Price Guide, and introduced by Adam Martin, Vice President of The Hagerty Institute for Collector Vehicles.

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