The Barn Find Hunter starts this episode in oil country, and Midland, Texas, treats Tom Cotter with a yard full of Fords sourced from the Midwest and South. Where did they all come from? A 500-mile radius when many scrap yards were crushing cars in the 1990s.

“Many of these are parts cars; some could be restored,” Tom says as he starts to wander the yard, going on to point out that many of the cars are good projects because of the lack of structural rust.

Continuing his search, Tom highlights a couple of the more unique cars on the lot, including a two-door 1960 Ford Ranch Wagon. That body style is seldom seen and this one is missing a few parts. Tom suggests that it would be worth using another 1960 Ford as a parts car to save the wagon and hopefully bring it back to roadworthiness.

The video wraps up with Tom making an attempt to save some desert-aged paint. Going on instructions learned many years back, he borrows some compound and a buffer to see just what can be done to spruce up the long chalked-over factory paint. With some sweat and patience, some fresh shine returns to the old fender. Now on to the rest of the car, right?

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