Tom Cotter has found plenty of vintage sheet metal in his Barn Find Hunter adventures, but this trip he finds his way into a field where sheet metal is tougher to come by. What does that mean? Fiberglass. And there is plenty of it.

Tom visits Geoff Hacker, who is an expert on fiberglass and kit vehicles. Geoff’s outdoor storage plays host to a plethora of colors and shapes. With kit and fiberglass vehicles being generally low-production, Geoff’s yard plays host to multiple cars that are one-of-less-than-a-dozen. If weird and uncommon is your taste, then buckle up.

Just such example is a one-of-three car built by Carl Luckenbach in 1954. The European inspired front-end catches Tom’s eye first, but the Lincoln engine under the hood tells the most interesting story. Hacker claims that there are only a few miles on the brand-new Lincoln V-8, but poor storage has locked the bottom end of the engine. Pulling one valve cover shows a very good condition valvetrain, though looks can be deceiving.

Just roaming the yard reveals many stories of one person’s vision for a car, along with their effort to build that vision. Tom got a few of the stories, but there are many more out there. He’ll keep hunting for the next one, as always.

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